December 17th, 2021

since April 2021 I’ve been keeping a journal, documenting my thoughts on web3 semi-privately in a stream-of-conscious manner. i am now attempting to organize all of these loosely congruent ideas into several more digestible, cohesive pieces. broadly, my focus is on music and media in the context of web3. more granularly, i am simultaneously navigating different contexts: onboarding an existing record label community from a traditional landscape over to web3, and starting a new one altogether natively from within web3. both have unique challenges which i’ll be sharing thoughts and observations on here. if you’re already acclimated and involved in web3, wonderful, great, that’s awesome. i’m not really talking to you here, though. i personally don’t think enough is happening to build actual bridges and showcase use cases for what’s possible for creatives in web3 and so these posts will be my attempt at hopefully making this all feel more accessible to artists that aren’t yet involved, but might be interested.